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I live in the state with one of the lowest breastfeeding rates in the country….we also have the highest obesity rates, highest teen pregnancy rate, and also SIDS cases. Coincidence? Nope.  One of the factors in breastfeeding success is socio-economic status. I grew up in a very poor family and have seen many people feed their newborn babies cornbread with pea juice poured over it to soften it up. Newborns. Two week old babies. I have seen many of my friends give their months old babies Pepsi & Mt. Dew in their bottles and snickered about how cute it was and how much the babe liked it. I get laughed at to this day by my family and friends because of my hippie-leaning ways and my mission to feed my children better, more healthy options.  It’s not uncommon for my children to go visit for a weekend at one of my aunts and come home with a goody bag full of candy, gum, honey buns, and whatever else they can find. Also whenever my son goes to his favorite aunts house, he comes home with $5 for a gallon of milk. Because I don’t buy it & my children are deprived. I know that they really do mean well…that is what they have known. They love us so much and there have been times in my life that I genuinely could not have made it without them. But that was a different time, and I am now aware of the toll that those unhealthy things can take on a body, especially a childs body. An article from Dr. Sears that I read recently stated that sugar inhibits the immune system by 50%, and that percentage is more in children.  This is not a “can”…this is a DOES.  This leads me to my next subject, Dr. Sears. I have practiced attachment parenting with all of my children.  I breastfed my sons for 3 1/2, 2 1/2, and 4 years and I plan to let my daughter wean whenever she is ready.  For the most part my family has been supportive, except the occasionaly snarky comment about how they are going to breastfeed until they go off to college. By then I will put it in a cup, tho.  Before someone gets their underwear in a bunch about how long I have breastfed my babies, it is not weird, strange, disguisting, child abuse, or any of those other things that people try to categorize full term breastfeeding in. It is biologically normal and recommended by every single major health organization in the world.  My mission is to provide education to those who want it and I’m not here to defend my actions to anyone. I will be doing research based posts on this blog about controversial topics and will probably offend someone, but I’ve found that the ones who get defensive are the ones who made bad decisions for their babies. I have made bad decisions, too, but because of my using my own mothering instincts and education I have gotten better. It is still a struggle every day.  Please join me on this jouney to find the most update research on parenting and use what you can. Leave what you can.

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About Latch The Babes

I am a crunchy mama of four children who is passionate about providing research based breastfeeding education. I live in Mississippi with my husband, Brian, my three sons, Gabe, Justin, & Bryson, and my daughter, Kynli, who I often refer to as "Miss Ma'am". I breastfed all of my boys and Miss Ma'am is still going strong! I worked as a lactation specialist with WIC for a few years and am currently working on my IBCLC requirements. I have been involved with La Leche League since my oldest son was born in 1997.

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  1. I absolutely love this!!! I support everything that you stand for and in the wee hours of the morning where nursing seems just too hard to bare, your pictures and positive outlook keep me going! Im currently nursing my 11 month old and its the most rewarding thing I have ever done in my life!

    Please keep writing!

  2. Great job Momma! It is VERY frustrating to see parents do unhealthy things to or for their children. Good luck in this new venture!

  3. I love your mission! I strongly support that all women try breastfeeding. I wish people knew that any amount of breastfeeding is better than none. I pumped exclusively for my first for 6 months and now am happily breastfeeding my second of 4.5 months. I would have made it longer the first time around if I had access to support systemslike this

  4. So happy to be reading your blog!! i know it’ll be great! ill be eagerly awaiting each knew post!!

  5. I agree with your mission and statements, but find it interesting that your children are overweight, beautiful children they are still, no doubt! All children are and they’re lucky to have been breastfed. I think formula feeding is one of several factors as to why children are overweight, but not even in the top 5. Overprocessed, sugar laced foods, permissive parents, misunderstanding of portions, and limited availability and affordability of healthy foods weigh in far greater than the impact formula does. Even programs like WIC that provide essential foods for families for their health are in essence aiding in obesity by not covering organic foods without genetically engineered ingredients. I think it’s silly to look at an overweight child and immediately think “formula fed”. I immediately think about the lying, good for nothing food industry and the parents.

  6. I absolutely love what you are doing on all of your social media sites! You are an amazing mother and have helped so many! Keep doing what your doing mama!!!!!

  7. Love this! I know that I struggle even now with people thinking its strange I still nurse my 7 month old. I mean, 7 months! He is completely still a baby! I also have a hard time dealing with my MIL about her wanting to give my son all kinds of foods that are adult foods. Hello! That’s why they make baby food.

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  8. Thank you for posting this, and thanks for all your IG pics because it is so important to us new moms. My little guy is 3.5 months old, exclusively breastfed, no paci nor bottle has touched his lips. I feel very blessed, educated and determined that we’ve had this smooth start. I nursed until i was around 3 1/2 and never truly understood why my mom chose this for me and my sister until recently. She gave me The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding when I was pregnant and i have since recommended it to every new mother i know! I live in Georgia and agree about the culture and assumptions here. I saw the link from another commenter about Mongolian views on nursing – wow! With the rural south would do a 180! georgia and

  9. Grrr, auto correct on my phone as i nurse… *wish, not *with… georgia and… everywhere else.

    Keep on with your IG feed, and thanks for the amber necklace giveaway 🙂 you are great!

  10. I love your mission. I follow almost religiously on Instagram and Facebook! I feel like I get the same strange looks from my family when I talk about full term breastfeeding and self weaning. It’s so nice to know there are other mommies out there! You’re awesome, all your followers are awesome and breastfeeding is awesome!!!

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