A Husband/Father’s two cents on Public Breastfeeding


Fantastic perspective from a dad!

This Home Swede Home

Guest post from my amazing husband, Matt Swedlund:

I have read and heard a lot about nursing babies and mothers (more than I would have ever imagined). My wife and 2 year old daughter are still nursing and my wife is a bit of a breastfeeding/nursing advocate (she’s also a doula, aspiring birth educator, and all around awesome). For the most part I listen to these conversations or read blog posts and don’t comment because I’m a male, I don’t have breasts, and I don’t know what it is like to breastfeed a child. What I do know is that my wife and child’s breastfeeding/nursing relationship has been a very beautiful and natural thing. My wife breastfed our child “on demand” which resulted in semi-frequent public breastfeeding. She never encountered any extreme breastfeeding haters making rude remarks or ignorant employees asking her to go into the bathroom – which is…

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About Latch The Babes

I am a crunchy mama of four children who is passionate about providing research based breastfeeding education. I live in Mississippi with my husband, Brian, my three sons, Gabe, Justin, & Bryson, and my daughter, Kynli, who I often refer to as "Miss Ma'am". I breastfed all of my boys and Miss Ma'am is still going strong! I worked as a lactation specialist with WIC for a few years and am currently working on my IBCLC requirements. I have been involved with La Leche League since my oldest son was born in 1997.

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